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Is Central Vac Right For You?

PRE-Tel Services Inc.

What are the advantages of a central vacuum system?

The main advantage of a central vacuum system is convenience. No longer do

you have to lug a heavy bulky vacuum all around your home. A central vacuuming

system from Pre-Tel Services Inc. means you only need to carry a lightweight hose

and an attachment from room to room. The main unit remains stationary.

No more searching for outlets to plug into. There is no more emptying dust bags

or containers repeatedly as central vacuuming systems have much larger dust


With a central vacuuming unit from Pre-Tel Services Inc., you are not limited to

the time of day you vacuum, you don’t have to worry about disturbing your

household. Central vacuuming tends to be much quieter than traditional


Traditional vacuums are not conducive to good air quality in your home. They

tend to just recirculate dust into the air. Central vacuum systems have more

power suction than traditional vacuums.

A central vacuuming system from Pre-Tel Services Inc. removes these particles

from the air which means the air quality in your home is much better and safer.

This makes a central vacuuming system a must-have for people with lung

problems, allergies etc. MVac central vacuum system in your home will also

increase the value of your home.

The convenience, improved air quality, and efficiency will be a draw for home


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