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Pre-Wiring New Constructions and Renovations in Peterborough

With Pre-Tel Services, you don’t have to choose only one telecommunication provider and be stuck with it. Thanks to our services for new constructions and renovations in Peterborough, you can request the pre-wiring of various electronic and networking systems like telephony, internet, cable, etc.


Pre-wiring consists of installing wires after the building’s structure is mounted but before the drywalls are put in place. This allows us to hide every piece of wire without having to drill holes and open up the walls. We can pre-wire the following types of cables and wires:

  • Phone

  • Speaker (intercom system)

  • Security system

  • Networking

  • Home automation

  • Video surveillance

  • Central vacuum

  • Shades

  • Doorbells

  • Amongst others

What Is Pre-Wiring Exactly?

More and more builders and renovators of the Greater Peterborough Area choose the option of pre-wiring their new constructions. It is, in fact, a great investment as it is a plus for the buyers. Also, we prepare and install all types of wires and their accessories (i.e. phone jacks), allowing the future buyers or renters to choose their home entertainment or telecommunication provider.

Growing in Popularity

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